Avala Tower

Avala TV Tower

The characteristic shape of Avala has long been complemented by the silhouette of the Avala Tower.

This slender tripod was designed by architects Uglješa Bogunović and Slobodan Janjić, and the metal construction calculation was done by engineer Milan Krstić. The "Rad" construction company built it for four years and completed in 1965, the same year when the monument to Soviet war veterans was erected. With an antenna pole, it was about 203 meters high and weighed 4,000 tons. About 120...

Avala TV TowerAvala TV Tower
Аvala Tower

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The Avala Tower is a masterpiece of Serbian architecture. It was one of the 10 tallest towers in the world at the time it was built, and it is still one of the most beautiful ones. It was constructed in the period 1961 – 1964, according to the architectural design of architects Uglješa Bogunović and Slobodan Janjic, and structural design of engineer Milan Krstić. It is unique in that it was not dug into the ground, but mounted on three legs, symbolizing the...